4 ONE Quartet is an all male southern gospel group, with their name deriving from 4 men who sing for ONE God! Their mission is to encourage, uplift and serve.

1) Encouraging each person on their journey to come into a relationship with our Savior

2) Uplifting each person on their walk to see our Savior

3) Serving each person either in the local, regional, or national concert or church service setting.

These 4 men use the gifts God gave them, their voices, to spread the message of the gospel through their songs. Never is there a concert or church service where people don’t feel blessed by their music.

4 ONE Quartet began their ministry in March of 2012. Their line up of singers have years and years of experience singing southern gospel music. 

The guys feel just as at home in the big venue as they do in the small church setting. They really enjoy bringing the gospel message with an “Evening with 4 One Quartet”. They also enjoy working with other artists in big events. The quartet would be honored to work with you in your next; Special Church Service, Fair, Homecoming, or just a great concert. You will not be disappointed in the program the guys bring. They are at ease with drawing the crowd in with humor and ministering with one of their power ballads. These guys love God, family, each other and it shows that they love what they are doing with their 4 ONE mission!


Eddie Couch

Eddie Couch

Bass Vocal 

I was raised in a Christian home, with parents that taught me about Jesus from birth. I recognized at an early age I need a Savior and gave my life to God at an early age. I have always had a desire to serve God and bless people. I have enjoyed singing gospel music for many years and believe God has given me the talent to share His gospel through quartet music.

Birthday: June 27


Church Home: Church of the New Covenant
Hobbies: Water sports
Favorite Scripture: John 3:16
Favorite Vacation Spot: Rough River Lake
Favorite Book: Bible
Favorite Song: Behold The Man (Imperials)
Favorite Artist: Kingdom Heirs
Home: Scottsburg, Indiana

Greg Lockridge

Greg Lockridge

Baritone Vocal

I’m a product of a bus ministry, someone invited us to go to church, with five kids my mom thought “2 or 3 hours of peace and quiet” you kids are going to church! I accepted the Lord as my Savior in the 3 rd grade, surrendered to preach at 15 and sang my first song in church shortly after that. I’m no stranger to gospel music, I sang lead for the Crimson River Boys, and baritone for the Fishermen Quartet. I’ve traveled all over the United States as an Evangelist for a number of years singing and preaching the gospel, as well as in 14 foreign countries.

Birthday: September 7
Spouse: Missie
Children: Cody and Christopher
Church Home: Grace Baptist Church, Lorain, Ohio
Hobbies: Hunting, fishing
Favorite Scripture: I Peter 5: 6-7
Favorite Vacation Spot: Any cruise to the Caribbean or the Bahamas
Favorite Artist: Greater Vision & John Darin Rowsey

John Croy

John Croy

Tenor Vocal

I was three years old when my dad explained the plan of salvation to me. There in my bedroom, I leaned my head against my dresser and accepted Christ as my Savior. Growing up in a Christian home, I learned many of the great hymns of the faith and gained an appreciation and an ear for good harmonies. It wasn't until college though, that I was introduced to southern gospel music. I've been hooked ever since! This is the third group with which I've have the privilege to sing. I couldn't do it without the unwavering love and support of my wife! She's always supported my dreams! I thank God that He's a Savior worth singing about, and I look forward to seeing lives changed!
Birthday: August 7
Spouse: Janna


Church Home: Roanoke Baptist Church
Hobbies: Listening to music, Watching TV shows season by season with my wife.
Favorite Scripture: Ecclesiastes 10:11-12 & 2nd Corinthians 4:8-9
Favorite Vacation Spot: Point Pleasant Beach, NJ
Favorite Book: The Bible. Lord of the Rings
Favorite Song: Whispers in the Night (Legacy Five) & I Will Be Praying (Brian Free & Assurance)
Favorite Artist: Gaither Vocal Band


Jim Quales

Jim Quales

Lead Vocal & Owner/Manager 

What can I say? God is good all the time!! God has blessed me and turned many a sorrow into Joy! I was raised in a Missionaries Home and seen God do many great things. However, I went through some personal trauma. This affected my life more than I ever knew, but God was gracious and gave me back what life had stolen from me. Life has seen many twists and turns. Through it all I can see where God has always been there!! Over 10 years ago, while meeting with a dear pastor in southern Michigan I poured my heart out to God and asked Him to forgive me and have a relationship with Him. It was amazing time and God was faithful!! In November of 2011 God gave me a second chance on; real, healthy love! I have been blessed with a wonderful wife and great kids!! 

I have had many influences in gospel music in my life!! My older brother Don Jr. was probably the biggest and at least got me started in music. He would come home from college on weekends and while riding somewhere in the car have me sing. I will never forget singing over and over, "It Will Never Lose it's Power". I eventually got to hear a cassette by the great Cathedral Quartet it was their first acappella project and from the time I have been hooked on good southern gospel music!! A while ago I told my awesome wife about my dream to own and manage my own quartet and here we are!!! 

Birthday: September 13
Spouse: Nicole
Children: Joseph 
Jerome (Lamont) 
Church Home: Bay Point Community Church Traverse City, MI
Hobbies: Playing Bass & Acoustic Guitar, listening to music, watching movies
Favorite Scripture: Ephesians 1
Favorite Vacation Spot: Bahamas
Favorite Book: Bible, Simple Church, & Singing New Magazine
Favorite Song: Music of My Heart (Nicole C Mullins)
Still Haven't Found what I Have Been Looking For (U2)
Somebody Touched Me (Cathedrals)
Favorite Artist: Cathedral Quartet

Our Mission Statement

Encouraging - Uplifting - Serving

Encouraging each person on their journey to come into a relationship with our Savior.
Uplifting each person on their walk to see our Savior.
Serving each person either in the local, regional, or national concert or church service setting.